Word Wine Review: Grover Zampa Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2015 LCBO # 498329

This is a new feature that will be appearing here. My spare time is being squeezed by circumstances so more reviews will be done in the form of blog entries. I will still do video reviews time permitting. The review is below the picture.


I love trying wines from areas that are not known for their winemaking and this is one from Nandi Hills India. The assessment is based on WSET level 3 criteria.

The wine was clear with a pale lemon color with the nose being clean and having light citrus grapefruit and lime aromas. It is youthful.

On the palate it's dry with high acidity and medium alcohol. Medium bodied, it has light intensity citrus again grapefruit and lime notes. The finish is medium. and  should be consumed now .

The wine was made in a tropical zone but at great altitude in the Nandi Hills which is 1500 meters above sea level. (the same as Argentina's Mendoza vineyards.)  Considering this is coming from an area of the world that has no significant history for making wine it is a pretty good effort.

The score ( cognitive Vinotype sensitive, weighted)  Good 87  

Scoring Acceptable 84-86 Good 87-89 Very Good 90 to 94 Out Standing 95+